Photographers, film-makers, performers, pre lectors, sociologists or writers, BløwYøurMind offers a large spectrum of skills based on longstanding collaborations.

Transdisciplinary, eclectic and deeply anchored in our modern reality, BløwYøurMind tackles production in all its forms and offers its services to those wishing to achieve an original, aesthetic and professional project.

Lukas Zpira

Lukas Zpira is a trandisciplinary artist exploring the notion of territories and borders. Physical borders, cultural territories, consciousness boundaries, and all the spaces in between.
Artistically actif since 1991, he works around Body Modification since mid 90’s created along the way the Body Hacktivsm movement while also developing a whole artistic laboratory about organic experiences, erotic aesthetism, performance and rituals.
The mediums are performances, photography, transmedia, spoken world, and each creation echoes to the notion of puzzle, deconstruction/re-construction, and limits.
Lukas Zpira is now a name of reference in the cyberpunk and body hacking universe. His work has been travelling all over the world, confronting and mixing a lot of cultural inspirations, experiencing nomadism and serendipity.

Mayliss – Lady White Rabbit

An undefinable artist

With over 40 visited countries on her list, Mayliss has forged herself a very singular culture, the sincere et sensitive reflection of what these travels has brought  her.

An exhaustless source of inspiration which she translates into photograph or drawings, with The Chaos Chronicles her visions of the world are presented like a political manifesto within reach for all.

Loïc Mabily

Beyond the camera.

A true technician of video editing, Loïc Mabily has worked on several projects notably The Chaos Chronicles. Versatile and highly devoted to his work, Loïc can bring a new outlook and originality to any project.