Photographers, film-makers, performers, pre lectors, sociologists or writers, BløwYøurMind offers a large spectrum of skills based on longstanding collaborations.
Transdisciplinary, eclectic and deeply anchored in our modern reality, BløwYøurMind tackles production in all its forms and offers its services to those wishing to achieve an original, aesthetic and professional project.

Tarik Noui

A man of letters.

Wether it be hard boiled novels, scenarios, theatre or screenplay for television, radio or cinema, Tarik Noui, protean author and true chameleon of french literature, has a very singular writing style which gives depth to his works.

Lukas Zpira

Highly reputed artist but not just…

Performer, photographer, editor, producer, artistic director and curator… Lukas Zpira, the maestro at BlowYourMind Production, with an unbeatable enthusiasm, fulfils with passion all these roles.

Philippe Liotard

A man of words

Senior lecturer at Lyon University and author of numerous essays on sociology of the human body and its evolution and changes, Philippe Liotard is also renowned  as the founder of « Qasimodo » and « L’INqualifiable » magazines.

Committed to causes related to the body, Philippe Liotard’s educational work tackles the questions on gender, sexual, sexist or homophobic violence and the oppression of the modified body in all its forms.

Mayliss Salles

An undefinable artist

With over 40 visited countries on her list, Mayliss has forged herself a very singular culture, the sincere et sensitive reflection of what these travels has brought  her.

An exhaustless source of inspiration which she translates into photograph or drawings, with The Chaos Chronicles her visions of the world are presented like a political manifesto within reach for all.

Mélanie Fontaine

A delicate sensitivity
Capturing raw emotions, probing into the intimate, Melanie Fontaine brings a very personal touch to her work as photographer. Recently graduated with a Superior National Diploma of Expression of Plastic Arts, she strives to harmonize each and everyone’s ideas and wishes within BlowYourMind Production.


A modern geisha

Canadian by birth, japanese at heart and french by adoption, Satomi is an architect of fantasies with her rich repertoire of skills which resonates on all four corners of the world.

Known under the stage name TokyoLoveDoll, for her sensuous performances and workshops on the art of seduction, she titillates the heart and the senses and builds bridges across cultures that at first glance appear incompatible.

Loïc Mabily

Beyond the camera.

A true technician of video editing, Loïc Mabily has worked on several projects notably The Chaos Chronicles. Versatile and highly devoted to his work, Loïc can bring a new outlook and originality to any project.